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Sona Stanly started her research with Prof. Honey John in the Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology of CUSAT in July 2016. After persuing M.Tech degree in Polymer Technology, she was an ad-hoc faculty in the department from 2010 to 2017. Her current research work is on the development of clay- graphene hybrids and its PVA based aerogel for environmental remediation. She is presently the Assistant professor of Govt. Polytechnic college.

Sona Stanly Publications

Sona Stanly, Honey John “Uncarbonized crosslinked PVA-modified MMT/reduced graphene hybrid aerogel for efficient carbon dioxide adsorption at low pressure”, Journal of Polymer Research, Vol. 28, 11-13, 2021. Full Article

Sona Stanly, Jelmy E J, Honey John “Studies on Modified Montmorillonite Clay and Its PVA Nanohybrid for Water Purification” J Polym Environ (2020). Full Article

Jelmy Publications

Stanly S., Jelmy E.J., Nair, C.P.R., John, H., Carbon dioxide adsorption studies on modified montmorillionite clay/reduced graphene oxide hybrids at low pressure. J. Environ. Chem. Engg. 7 (2019) 103344.

International / National Conferences / Seminars
1Sona Stanly, Honey John, "A Comparative Study of Dye Adsorption on Nano Clays and their Hybrids with Graphene Oxide", International Conference on Nano Science and Engineering Applications ICONSEA-2018, Hyderabad.
2Sona Stanly, Honey John, "Clay/Graphene nanohybrid incorporated Poly Vinyl Alcohol: An Efficient Flame Retardant", at International Conference "MACRO 2017", Trivandram.
3Sona Stanly, Ashy P A. CPR Nair, Honey John, "Graphene /Clay Nano Hybrids As Efficient Flame Retardant In Epoxy Composites", Kerala Science Conference 2018.
4Sona Stanly, Anila Jayaraj, Honey John "Synthesis and Characterization of reduced graphene oxide and Kaolin clay", NTAC 2017, SH College Thevara
5Sona Stanly and Honey John "Nano Clays And Their Hybrids With Reduced Graphene Oxide For Water Purification", International Knowledge Submit 2019, St. Albert's College, Ernakulam.
6Sona Stanly and Honey John "Modification of MMT clay by Polyphosphoric acid for water purification", in ICSIG 2018, an international conference at Maharaja’s college, Ernakulam.
7Sona Stanly and Honey John "Polyphosphoric acid Modified MMT: An Effective Solution for Organic Pollutant Removal from Water" 31st Kerala Science Congress.
8Nisha V.S., Sona Stanly, Sinto Jacob, Rani Joseph, "Effects of active zinc oxide on the properties of NR and Neoprene rubber", International seminar on Polymer composites, S. B. College, Changanacherry.
9Nisha V.S., Sona Stanly, Sinto Jacob, Rani Joseph, "In situ precipitation of zinc oxide in chitosan medium and its effects on NR and Neoprene rubber vulcanizates", IRMRA, Mumbai.
Achievements and Awards
Best paper award in Albertian Knowlege Summit (AKS) 2019 conducted by St. Albert’s College Ernakulam during January 4-5 2019.