Title Funding Agency Amount & Duration Status Principal Investigator / Co-PI
1Wearable wireless triboelectric nanogenerator sensor for respiratory rate and sleep monitoring. DST-SERB India 3 Years Rs 3040314 Ongoing PIDST-SERB India3 Years
Rs. 30,40,314
2Advanced Research in Tactical Oceanography, Modern Sensors, Signal Processing and TelemetryDRDO4 Years
Rs. 1,83,95,308
3Modified phenolic resinsKSBC6 months
Rs. 7,52,640
4Adhesive development (Rubber to metal bonding applications)KSCSTE-THEJO Engineering- CUSAT PAIR Programme2 years
Rs. 5,00,000 + Salary for the PDF
5Development of Visible light responsive Micro reactor systems for water purificationDST-SERB, Govt. of India2020-2023
Rs. 34,06,040
Ongoing Co-Investigator
6Development of Superhydrophilic Graphene/Semiconductor Oxide Nanohybrids For Self-Cleaning ApplicationsDST-SERB, Govt. of India2017-2020
Rs. 30.482 lakhs
CompletedPrincipal Investigator
7Development of Green Polymer Systems As Adhesive & Coating For Space ApplicationsISRO-RESPOND2016-2019
Rs. 26.23 lakhs
CompletedPrincipal Investigator