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Jesna Louis

Senior Research Fellow

Jesna Louis

Jesna Louis joined Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology at Cochin University of Science and Technology under the mentorship of Dr. Honey John in April 2017. Her research interests center around the opto-electronic application of semiconductor oxides and its organic/ inorganic hybrids. Currently she is also working in a project titled ‘Development of superhydrophilic graphene/semiconductor oxide nanohybrids for self-cleaning applications’ funded by DST-SERB. She holds a BS-MS degree in Chemistry (major) and Biology (minor) from Indian Institute of Science and Education Research, Bhopal. During her masters she worked in several projects on supercapacitor and white light emitting materials for organic light emitting diodes.

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Achievements and Awards
1Inspire fellowship, 2011-2016
2UGC NET (Chemistry) – 2016, 2017

Jesna Louis, Nisha T Padmanabhan, Madambi K Jayaraj, and Honey John, “Crystal lattice engineering in a screw-dislocated ZnO nanocone photocatalyst by carbon doping”, Mater. Adv., 2022. View the Article

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E. J. Jelmy, Nishanth Thomas, Dhanu Treasa Mathew, Jesna Louis, Nisha T. Padmanabhan, Vignesh Kumaravel, Honey John, and Suresh C. Pillai, Impact of structure, doping and defect-engineering in 2D materials on CO2 capture and conversion React. Chem. Eng., 2021, View the Article

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Nisha T Padmanabhan, Nishanth Thomas, Jesna Louis, Dhanu Treasa Mathew, Priyanka Ganguly, Honey John, Suresh C Pillai “Graphene coupled TiO2 photocatalysts for environmental applications: A review”, Chemosphere, 129506, 2021. Full Article

J. Louis, M. K. Kavitha, V. Anjana, M. K. Jayaraj, H. John, A facile surfactant assisted hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO and graphene loaded ZnO for efficient photocatalytic self-cleaning. Materials Research Express 6, (2020); published online Epub01/21 (10.1088/2053-1591/ab6e3a).

International / National Conferences / Seminars
1Jesna Louis, M. K. Jayaraj, Honey John, "A facile surface-assisted synthesis of Carbon doped ZnO nanostructures for visible light photocatalytic applications", Albertian Knowledge Summit (AKS), 6th Januray 2020 at St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam.
2Jesna Louis, R. Anjana, M. K. Kavitha, M. K. Jayaraj, Honey John, A facile surface-assisted synthesis of ZnO/Graphene for Self- cleaning applications, International conference on optoelectronic and nano materials for advanced technology (icONMAT), 3 – 5 January, 2019 at CUSAT.
3Jesna Louis, R. Anjana, M. K. Kavitha, M. K. Jayaraj, Honey John, A facile surface-assisted synthesis of ZnO for Self- cleaning applications, International conference on Nano Science and Engineering Applications (ICONSEA-2018), 4-6 Oct, 2018, at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUH), Hyderabad.
4Jesna Louis, Remyamol T., Honey John, Covalently grafted multiwalled carbon nanotube/ polyaniline hybrids as electrode material for supercapacitor applications, 30th Kerala Science Congress, 28-30 January 2018.