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Dr. Jelmy E.J.

Post-doctoral scholar

Dr. Jelmy E.J.

Dr. Jelmy E.J. joined the Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology in June 2018 as a Post Doctoral Fellow (PDF) under the mentorship of Dr. Honey. She has received M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry from University of Calicut in the year 2008, and then moved Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, to pursue doctoral studies in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Amrita University Coimbatore, where she worked under Dr. Nikhil. K. Kothurkar for the development of ‘polyaniline-carbon nanotube nanocomposites’ for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding and Dye Sensitized Solar Cell applications. Being with the Nanomaterials group of Dr. Honey, she is currently working on the development of graphene/conducting nanocomposites for the environmental as well as energy related applications; and on the development of graphene/ conducting polymer incorporated PVA aerogel for pollutant adsorbents from aqueous solutions.


Enhanced Mechanical Energy Harvesting in Triboelectric Nanogenerator by the Reinforcement of Polypyrrole-Decorated rGO Sheets in PDMS
Jelmy Elavathingal Johny, Divya Jose, Vijoy Kochuveetil Vavachan, Saji Kachirayil Joseph, Honey John,
Advanced Engineering Materials, 2023
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Enhanced triboelectric performance of graphene oxide-conducting polymer hybrid modified polydimethylsiloxane composites
E J Jelmy, Divya Jose, K V Vijoy, K J Saji and Honey John,
RSC Materials Advances, 3, 2022,6897-6907
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Triboelectric nanogenerator based on polyaniline nanorods incorporated PDMS composites through a facile synthetic route
Divya Jose, Jelmy E J, P.S. Subin, Rani Joseph, Honey John,
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 33, 2022, 15408- 1542
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Impact of structure, doping and defect-engineering in 2D materials on CO2 capture and conversion
E. J. Jelmy, Nishanth Thomas, Dhanu Treasa Mathew, Jesna Louis, Nisha T. Padmanabhan, Vignesh Kumaravel, Honey John, and Suresh C. Pillai,
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 6, 2021, 1701-1738
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Triboelectric nanogenerators for marine energy harvesting and sensing applications
Sithara Radhakrishnan, Sherin Joseph, E J Jelmy, K J Saji, T Santhanakrishnan, Honey John,
Results in Engineering, 2022
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Studies on Modified Montmorillonite Clay and Its PVA Nanohybrid for Water Purification
Sona Stanly, Jelmy E J, Honey John,
Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 28, 2020, 2433-2443
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Carbon dioxide adsorption studies on modified montmorillonite clay/reduced graphene oxide hybrids at low pressure
S Stanly, EJ Jelmy, CPR Nair, H John,
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 7 (5), 2019, 103344
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1Dr. Honey John, Divya Jose, Dr. Jelmy E.J, Dr. Rani Joseph, “Conducting Polymer- Dopant- Polydimethylsiloxane Composites And Process ForPreparation Thereof” Indian Patent Application no : 201741000495 dated 22 November, 2019.
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A facile and ecofriendly method for the synthesis of PDMS composites for triboelectric nanogeneration (TENG) applications is developed which can harvest electrical energy from mechanical energy as desired.

2Honey John, Divya Jose, Saji K.J, Vijoy K.V, Jelmy E.J, Manoj.N, ‘Polydimethyl siloxane composites of graphene oxide hybrids with conducting polymers, process for preparation, and energy harvesting applications as smart devices’, filed with Indian patent application No.202041006974, dated February18, 2020.
Achievements & Awards
1Best oral presentation award for the paper titled “Synthesis and characterization of Au/MWCNT/Polyaniline nanocomposites for EMI shielding applications” during “Emerging developments in chemistry”, by the Department of Chemistry, Little flower College Guruvayoor during 3-4 January 2013.
2Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship for Doctoral studies 2012.
3Qualified GATE in 2009.