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Dr. Jandas P. J.

Post Doctoral Scholar

Dr. Jandas P. J.

Dr. Jandas has joined in Prof. Honey John’s research group as a Postdoctoral fellow in October 2020 under RUSA scheme. He is a material researcher specifically working in the area of nano-materials and polymer based piezoelectric and electrochemical biosensors for the detection of bio-markers like tumor marking proteins. Prior to his present assignment, he was working as a postdoctoral fellow at the College of Physics and Optoelectronics, Shenzhen University China. During this period he has developed piezoelectric (Surface acoustic wave and Quartz crystal microbalance) biosensor for the detection of carcenoembryonic antigen tumour marker. He has around 3 and half years of industrial research experience in the polymer related field at Thejo Engineering Ltd, Chennai. The company is famous internationally for its conveyor belt repair kit and related products. He has 2 years of PG and UG level teaching experience at St Paul’s College Kochi as well. After joining this group, Dr Jandas is specifically working for the development of non-sticking elastomeric cover compound for conveyor belt applications. He is working in super-hydrophobic nanomaterials, its synthesis modification and incorporation within suitable elastomers to achieve the specific target. The work is conducting under RUSA scheme of CUSATECH foundation in collaboration with Thejo Engineering Ltd Chennai.

Dr. Jandas worked in the area of biodegradable polymer nanocomposite during for his Ph.D research. He did his Ph.D research at CIPET Govt. of India, Bhubaneswar during 2009-2013. He was particularly working for the development of biodegradable polymer formulations for agricultural mulch and packaging applications. Simultaneously, he was a part of research groups engaged in recycling of plastics from WEEE and synthesis of piezoelectric polymer nanocomposite thin films for MEMS applications. He did his graduation (2003) and post-graduation (2006) in Chemistry at the affiliated colleges of M G University, Union Christian College Alwaye and Maharaja’s College Ernakulum respectively.

Researcher ID: F-9643-2019

Achievements & Awards
1National Award from DCPC Govt. of India, in 2014 for the contribution ‘High impact recycled plastics from WEEE for thin walled outer casing applications’
2National Award from DCPC Govt. of India in 2013 for the contribution ‘Piezoelectric-Induced Pressure Pulse (PIPP) Films for MEMS Applications’
3Merit Scholarship from Polymer Processing Academy (PPA) India in 2012
4Indian patent on “A process for preparing recycled plastic materials from waste electrical & electronic equipment” (No.204/KOL/2014)
5He has 17 research publications, 3 book chapters and an Indian patent
6Life Member: Indian Science Congress Association
7Life Member: Asian Polymer Association