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Divya Jose

Divya Jose started her research pursuit in synthesis of conducting polymers under the mentorship of Prof. Rani Joseph in Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology in early 2012. She joined Bharath Matha College as Asst. Professor in chemistryin 2013 and continued her research as a part-time scholar of the Department. Meanwhile she has supervised a UGC minor project on dielectric studies of polypyrrole-ZnO nanocomposites. Later in 2017, she joined Honey John’s research group under Faculty Development Programme during which she has synthesized conducting polymers and their hybrids with polydimethylsiloxane composites for energy harvesting applications such as triboelectric nanogenerators. She has three Indian patent to her credit based on the ongoing work.

Current status: Thesis submitted.

Dr. Honey John, Divya Jose, Dr. Jelmy E.J, Dr. Rani Joseph, “Conducting Polymer- Dopant- Polydimethylsiloxane Composites And Process ForPreparation Thereof” Indian Patent Application no : 201741000495 dated 22 November, 2019.
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A facile and ecofriendly method for the synthesis of PDMS composites for triboelectric nanogeneration (TENG) applications is developed which can harvest electrical energy from mechanical energy as desired.

Honey John, Divya Jose, Jelmy E J, Saji K J, Vijoy K V, M K Jayaraj, Antony Sharon, Reduced Graphene Oxide - Conducting Polymer – Process for preparation Thereof, And Energy Harvester, filed with Indian patent application N0.202041006974.
Polydimethyl siloxane composites of graphene oxide hybrids with conducting polymers, process for preparation, and energy harvesting applications as smart devices (drafted for patent filing)

Divya Jose, Rani Joseph, Honey John, Synthesis, Characterisation, morphological and electrical studies of polypyrrole nanostructures, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2082 (2019) 030011: 1-5.

Achievements & Awards
1Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Junior Research Fellowship in 2011