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Bijina V.

Junior Research Fellow

Bijina V. P.

Bijina completed her graduation from School Of Technology And Applied Sciences, MG University, Kottayam. She has done a short term project on activated charcoal incorporated low density polyethylene films for food packaging applications in Defence Food Research Laboratory of DRDO, Mysore. Her current PhD work with Dr. Honey John is focused on the development of green-tyre technology. She also worked as a QA in charge for ASMA gloves Pvt Ltd, Cochin as well as St.Mary’s Rubbers, Kanjirappally. She also backed a diploma in Rubber Technology from IRI. She also had undergone training in Rubber Mixing, Rubber Molding Processes, Latex Dipping Processes and Latex Foam Product Manufacturing, and also received training in Testing and Quality Control of rubber products from Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII).

Research Area

Polymer Nanocomposites for Structural/Mechanical/Tyre based Applications

Achievements and Awards

Qualified GATE 2015 and GATE 2016


Tuning the low rolling resistance, wet grip, and heat build‐up properties of tyre tread formulations using carbon black/thermally exfoliated graphite hybrid fillers
Vijayan Bijina, Ponnath Janardhanan Jandas, Jesvin Jose, Nellorammal Muhammed Ajnas, Kozhikodan Parambil Abhitha, Honey John,
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 140 (8), 2022
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Recent trends in industrial and academic developments of green tyre technology
V Bijina, P.J. Jandas, Sherin Joseph, J Gopu, K Abhitha and Honey John,
Polymer Bulletin, 2022
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International/National Conferences/Seminars
1Bijina V, Jesvin Jose, Muhammed Ajnas N, P J Jandas, Abhitha K, Honey John “Eco-friendly green tyre tread compound for reducing carbon black and aromatic oil content” in International conference on advances in polymer technology(APT) 2021, Department of polymer science and rubber technology, CUSAT, May 27-29, 2021.