Congratulations Dr. Meera Sathyan for successful completion of Ph. D. viva voce            Congratulations Christeena Sabin for winning the best paper presentation in the conference EIHE 2023 (BARC)            Congratulations Bijina V for winning best oral presentation in 35th Kerala Science Congress            The Front Cover Art accepted in the journal 'ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering' Volume 10, Number 43, dated October 31st, 2022 (Impact factor: 9.224)            Dr. Honey John appointed as editor in “Results in Engineering”, Elsevier Publishers.            Project of Rs. 1.83 Crores sanctioned by DRDO.            Congratulations Dr. Honey John, Dr. Divya Jose, Dr. Saji K J, Dr. Jelmy E J, Vijoy KV, Dr. M K Jayara, Sharon Antony for being granted with the patent for the invention entitled “Reduced Graphene Oxide - Conducting Polymer – Process for preparation Thereof, And Energy Harvester”.

Welcome to Honey John Research Group

We, the “folks@graphene” welcomes you to the Nanomaterials Lab of Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, Cochin University of Science and Technology. The core research of the group is on the investigation on novel physical and chemical properties of graphene hybrids of different nanomaterials and their exploration in viable technologies. Currently, the research works span over the development of triboelectric nanogenerators, 2D nanoscrolls and its magnetic hybrids, self-cleaning materials and coatings, supercapacitors from functional materials, nanohybrids for CO2 photoreduction and hydrogen production, multifunctional conducting polymers, synthesis of polymeric aerogels for pollutant removal, development of green adhesives from bio-resources, and development of green tyres. With several interdisciplinary collaborations within CUSAT and abroad, the group aims the goal of developing multifunctional materials nanoresearch finding a wide range of applications in energy and environment. – Honey John’s Research Group.

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